Download bbkRCNetScreen 2008-1

bbkRCNetScreen 2008-1 Released September 2008

bbkRCNetScreen is the PC based Network Client for bbkRC. Using the Windows Network, usually WiFi, it displays live race and qualifying information to your pit table.

    New Features
  • Full Live Lap Times to DRIVERnet (from bbkRC DRIVERS Plus)
  • Scoreboard mode for bbkRCNetScreen

Any version of Windows after 98SE will run bbkRCNetScreen

You can download this version of the DRIVERnet PC Client, bbkRCNetScreen and install it ob your own PC so that when you race at a track using bbkRC DRIVERnet or DRIVERnet Plus, you can live Race Data. If the Club has bbkRC DRIVERnet Plus, you will be able to see live lap tables during races and have access to lap tables for all run races.
Click ->bbkRCNetScreen 2008-1 to download the Installation file. It is about 2Mb. Save it to your hard drive or a memory stick in case you need to use it again.

At meetings timed by bbk Timing Systems you will always be able to download bbkRCNetScreen from the local network, or a Memory Stick will be available.