To use bbkRC you need a license. This is permission for your club to use bbkRC to run it's race meetings. There are some restrictions. You can't give or sell the license on to another club. You can use the license on as many PCs as you like, provided that at any time it is only being used to run one race meeting for your club.

You can purchase a license for a fixed period or an unlimited period rather like Renting or Buying.

Rent or Buy?

Sometimes it makes sense to Rent and sometimes it is better to Buy, so we offer you both options.

You can purchase a 1 year license for all levels of bbkRC. This enables you to use the software for 1 year. At the end of the year you can purchase another year at any level of bbkRC or you can choose to purchase an unlimited period license, in effect Buying outright. If you decide to buy an unlimited period license during your 1 year period, we will deduct the value of the remaining license from the cost of the new license.


If you bought a 1 year license for bbkRC Pro (£117.50) and after 3 months decided to replace if with a full license (normal cost £470) you would pay £381.88, saving 75% of your initial £117.50.

The cost of a 1 year license starts from 25% of the cost of an unlimited period license, depending on the level of bbkRC.

Whichever you choose, you will get full support and all updates.

Why Rent?

  • If you are unsure which level of bbkRC to go for, you could purchase a 1 year license for bbkRC Pro DRIVERS and decide if the network features are of benefit to your club. The following year you could purchase another 1 year license for any level of bbkRC or purchase an unlimited period license.
  • You might want to maintain a cash reserve and pay the running costs for the club out weekly income. You pay for the Race Program like you pay for the Race Venue. The 1 year license cost of bbkRC Pro is less than £2.50 a week.
  • You might be unsure how successful the club will be and want to keep the initial expenditure to a minimum

Why Buy?

  • Purchasing an unlimited period license is the cheapest way to get bbkRC. You can upgrade your unlimited period license through the levels of bbkRC. With all future updates free to download you have no ongoing costs